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  • space planning

    Space Planning

    How many of us have gone into a furniture showroom, fallen “in love” with the comfy couch and loveseat, got it home only to realize that the "overstuffed beige" couch is too big and the fabric seems “a bit more green” than it did in the store? It can Be very frustrating when we realize that not all our favourite pieces can fit in the room. Returning furniture can be a hassle as well as an extra charge in restocking fees.

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  • color consultations

    Color Consultations

    Have you ever purchased a gallon of paint, loved the colour in the can, put it on the wall and hated it the minute that it was up? It happens. Maybe it doesn’t match with the new couch fabric or maybe the salesperson sold you on the colour when he showed you the wet can lid? However it managed to make it to the walls of your home, you are now second guessing the choice as well as your ability to pick the next colour.

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  • staging for resale

    Staging for resale

    Selling your home can be an exciting time. It is often a time of new beginnings. It can quickly become a very stressful time if there seem to be little or no “bites” on your piece of real estate. Most people are not aware of how to make their space attractive to a potential buyer. Our tastes in home décor may not be that of the new owner. Most potential buyers can not envision their new space if it is cluttered with someone else’s belongings

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  • material sourcing

    Material Sourcing

    Building your home can be a dream come true. What other option affords you the ability to choose everything on your wish list and truly put your signature on almost every decision? It has often been said that every new homeowner should be equipped with a how to manual when it comes to the process of building. The task can be overwhelming for even the most “aspiring” decorator.

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